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If you're part of a group of people that needs to communicate with one another, consider a proven, time-tested private way to do so: Email Discussion Groups.

What Are Email Discussion Groups?

An Email Discussion Group is a collection of people communicating online with each other by email through email server software specifically designed to foster communication and collaboration.

Email discussion groups help create communities, promote online discussions, and enable the sharing of messages and information by email with a group of people who have similar interests, goals or needs.
Normally, any member of the mailing list can submit an email message which goes to the entire group (unmoderated setting). The mail server forwards any message it receives to all people who have chosen to join (subscribe to) the discussion group. Members can respond to and share feedback with other members by replying to the message. In this way, a group discussion takes place online.

In fact, email discussion groups are one of the first great internet adoptions, and became popular even before the World Wide Web!

Discussion Group Server Software

Discussion Groups - participantsNet Atlantic offers a full-featured hosted software solution for an email-based discussion group.

To manage your online discussion group, you can use our web-based control panel, use email commands, or a combination of both.

Our services include list moderation (if desired), new member approvals, searchable archives, and much more to make operating your online discussion group easy – all starting at $15 per month.

Running an email discussion group is normally an easy process, since the server software automatically handles and manages many of the list functions. As the owner or administrator of your discussion group list, once your list is set up and running you'll see that your list almost runs itself because the content is user-contributed.

Net Atlantic uses the industry standard ListManager server software to run and operate the service. The ListManager software allows for a simple end-user (list subscriber) experience, easy list administration for you or your designated list admin, easy initial setup, highly configurable to run the list your way (for example, moderate new message posts, or just let them all go out to the list), and fast delivery of your email. The server software also allows you and your list members to communicate with the list by email, web forum, or a combination of both. 


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