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How It Works

We set up your discussion list for you with the most common and helpful settings. We then add you (and others if requested) as list administrator(s), so you can manage message posts (if you choose to moderate message posts) and new member join requests (if you want to screen new member join requests). We'll add all your list members (subscribers) for you. And we'll set up your list Welcome Message that new people get when they join the list.

To get your list started, simply send an email message to the list and get the discussion started. It won't take long!

The mail server forwards any message it receives to list members who have chosen to join (subscribe to) the discussion group. Normally, any member of the mailing list can submit an email message which goes to the entire group (unmoderated setting). Members can respond to and share feedback with other members by replying to the message. In this way, a group discussion takes place online.

Included Features and Functions

      • - Allow list members to view and post messages, set delivery preferences, use digest mode, and more
      • - Approve or deny new member join requests (if desired)
      • - Choose to automatically approve all messages, hold all messages (until approved), or hold and require approval
      • - Allow multiple list administrators to share the workload, moderation, etc.
      • - Set limits on the size or number of messages sent out  from your list per day
      • - Customize your message footer
      • - Customize your welcome email message
      • - Use the easy one-click unsubscribe link
      • - View message history and message posts with a web browser or newsgroup reader, or both, if desired
      • - Have replies the the list message posts go to either the entire list (default setup, creates more email) or just the author of the message (which limits open discussion)
      • - Allow or deny attachments (.jpg, .pdf, .doc, etc.)
      • - And lots more! 

Easy to Use

  • - No technical expertise is needed
  • - Most all administrative functions (sign-ups, unsubscribes, and bounces) are handled automatically
  • - Welcome, confirmation and farewell message templates are provided. We suggest you customize them to what you want to say.
  • - View online reports and track how many people joined or unsubscribed over the last day, week or month.

Flexible and Configurable

  • - Members may send unlimited messages (if you like)
  • - Use your own custom domain name to reinforce your organization or group
  • - Approve or deny inappropriate messages
  • - Approve or deny new member join requests
  • - Set delivery preferences (immediate, delayed, as submitted, etc.)
  • - List members can get messages in digest mode (in just one mailing)
  • - Easy one-click unsubscribe link
  • - Create segments based on criteria you set
  • - Use multiple list administrators
  • - Access message history
  • - Customize your message footer

Private and Secure

  • - Personal data is secure via data encryption
  • - Password protection ensures that your discussion group messages are safe
  • - Ban unwanted members or domains
  • - Permit a moderator to view one or multiple lists, depending on the security you desire

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