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Typical Uses of an Email Discussion Group List

Here are some of the most popular and common types of email discussion groups that we host:

- Educators or academic groups share resources and best practices
- Political groups formulate strategy and tactics
- City, regional, and state governments discuss relevant and timely topics
- Special interest groups review topical news, analysis, voting, elections, positions
- Theologians discuss religion and spirituality
- People research diseases and health information
- Non-profit organizations advocate for causes, viewpoints, grants, fundraising, leadership
- Scientists and engineers discuss complex problem-solving approaches and solutions to highly technical challenges
- Attorneys and law experts debate legislation, policy, law interpretations, strategy
- Support groups members help each other
- National Associations communicate and exchange information between and among members
- Alumni Groups exchange resources and plan reunions
- Veterans' groups keep in touch with each other by email
- Gamers discuss game strategy and new game releases